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The Church of Ireland believes that children and vulnerable adults should never experience abuse of any kind. Everyone has a responsibility to promote the welfare of all children and adults at risk of abuse and to keep them safe.

The Church of Ireland is committed to implementing procedures and practices with the aim of safeguarding all children and adults at risk of abuse and protecting them from harm.

The Church of Ireland safeguarding policies and procedures apply to all clergy, staff and volunteers but especially those who have regular contact with children or adults who may be more at risk of harm or abuse because of their personal or life circumstances.

The guidance applies to all aspects of ministry in the Church of Ireland whether within a church building or within parishioners’ homes.

The Christ Church Primacy Safeguarding Team are:

  • Denise Wilson, Community Pastor

  • Helen McGlinchey

  • Colin Parker

  • Ann Scott

Our Safeguarding Policies:

CCP - Anti-Bullying Policy

CCP - Complaints Policy

CCP - Communications Policy

CCP - Disciplinary Policy

CCP - Grievance Policy

Further information on Safeguarding in the Church of Ireland can be found here.   

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