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Activities for our younger members


JigSaw is our weekly worship for young people.  There is teaching, memory verses, prayers and activities which make up the bigger picture of God’s love and His plan for our lives. In two groups we have Jigsaw Junior for children from P1 to P6 and   Jigsaw + for young people from P7 onwards.   Jigsaw runs in line with current Covid restrictions.


Parents/Guardians of the young people are invited to join a WhatsApp group so they can be kept up to date with everything that their child is doing each week.

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The Boys' Brigade

One of the biggest Christian Youth Organisations in the UK & Republic of Ireland.  The Boys Brigade has faith in young people and provides opportunities for children and young people to learn, grow and discover in a safe, fun and caring environment which is rooted in the Christian faith.

As part of our ministry to young people we have a thriving BB Company in Primacy led by Captain Kenny Cunningham . 


We will be meeting on Friday evenings at the following times:

Anchor Boys  (Age 4, P1, 2 & 3)  | 6.00 pm - 7.00 pm

(if any Anchor Boys have an older brother(s) in Juniors they can stay until 7.30 pm)


Juniors  (P4, 5 & 6)  | 6.00 pm - 7.30 pm

Company & Seniors (P7 and up) | 7.40 pm - 9.30 pm


Captain Kenny Cunningham       07730 878 796

Anchor Boys: Ruth Cunningham 07835 859 928

Juniors: Debbie White                  07565 206 795

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The Girls' Brigade

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The aim of the Girls’ Brigade, being a Christian organisation, international and interdenominational, shall be: To help girls to become followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, and through self-control, reverence and a sense of responsibility, to find true enrichment of life.

In Christ Church Primacy we have a vibrant GB Company led by Captain Amy Dalglish - Telephone 07849 594 428.  


Under 5's (Pre-school and P1) & Explorers (P2, P3 and P4) meet from 6.00 pm - 7.00 pm

Juniors, Seniors & Brigaders (P5, P6 and P7 and Years 8-14) meet from 7.00 pm - 8.30 pm 

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