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Light the Beacons is the theme for this year’s annual St Patrick’s Day festival which will focus on praying for a rekindling of the fire of faith that Patrick lit in Ireland almost 1600 years ago. 

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Welcome to
Christ Church Primacy 
Church of Ireland

About Us


Christ Church Primacy welcomes all individuals seeking God’s love.


Our church, a parish in the Diocese of Down and Dromore, is located in the heart of the Primacy community on the Balloo Road in Bangor.  We are a shared Anglican and Methodist Community with separate clergy for each congregation.

Meet The Team

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Community Pastor:
Denise Wilson

Telephone: 07745 298 734

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Parish Reader & CAP Centre Manager:
Ashleen Johnston

Telephone: 07553 858 867


Parish Reader:
Rory Wilson

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Parish Reader:
John Shannon

Telephone: 07710 892 138

Contact Us

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